Kerma Is Providing PRIMO Pressure & Wound Care Prevention Specialty Products

Kerma is happy to announce PRIMO, its new product line in providing pressure injury prevention products to all our customers!


Pressure Injury is an area of injured skin that can be found anywhere on the body. Some of the most common areas would be your elbows, calves, ankles, and the area between your lower back and buttocks. Continuous pressure to these areas on your body plus friction can lead to more significant pressure injury’s which not only makes the patient uncomfortable but leads to a decrease in production within the health system. Not only can it decrease production for the clinicians but also incur more HAPI (Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury), which leads to hospitals paying out of pocket since the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) created a policy where they will not reimburse hospitals for HAPI. A single HAPI can be anywhere from as low as $40,000 to exceeding $100,000 out of pocket for each patient at a hospital.

Pressure injuries not only can cause out of pocket pay for patients but also injury’s that employees may receive when dealing with patient handling. 25% of workers compensation is directly associated to patient handling and on average, workers compensation cost claim related to patient handling is around $15,600. Not only is there an excess amount of cost be spent out of pocket for in hospital related injuries to patients but also for employee compensation as well. PRIMO is here to help decrease those cost with helping better patient handling inside the hospital. Not only are we here to provide comfort and stability for the patient, but we are also committed to providing hospitals with the best product the market has to offer in Patient Handling.

Kerma is committed to staying innovative and bringing new technological advances in the healthcare sector to the eyes of our customers. We believe in providing quality products, efficient, and cost-effective services to the healthcare industry and federal government agencies. In this belief we will continue to stay innovative so we can provide the industry with the best products we can offer.



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