Innovative Product To Combat Biohazardous Waste

Throughout the medical community there is a growing concern about the rising costs for bio-hazardous waste remediation. Organizations have begun to examine the effects on landfills, and the impacts of incineration, originating from this type of waste.

The Sterilis Solutions Remediator is a device whose time has come.  The benefits of this device are quite extensive.  From a high-level business perspective, it’s a 3-legged stool:


  1. Sustainability. Environmental issues are a growing focus of businesses today, and companies large and small are working hard to be good corporate citizens in this effort.  The Remediator converts regulated waste from hazardous to harmless in about 60 minutes, while also decreasing the volume by 80%.
  2. Liability. 3rd party haulers have figured out how to divest themselves of liability while handling your regulated waste.  If their truck gets in an accident on the highway carrying your company’s bio-hazardous waste and they end up all over the highway, the liability still resides with your company.  Liability is cradle to grave, not just until the hauler takes it away from your facility.  By making the regulated waste harmless, the Remediator reduces the impact of this potential liability to your organization.
  3. Significant Cost Savings.  This solution is all about the algorithm of the savings.  The cost savings continues to expand the more you understand what this can mean to your organization.  As a simple first step, we have an ROI calculator to help bring this to light.


The outputs are sterilized high-grade polymers that have been ground up into small confetti that can be turned around quickly and used as feedstock for new syringes, new tubing, and all the things in the healthcare world that are made from poly-based plastics.  It means this massive stream of waste no longer needs to end up in landfills and healthcare organizations can eliminate a potentially large financial burden.


Follow the links below to gain a greater understanding of this innovative product from a visual aspect and understand the immense benefits it provides.