Autonomous Cleaning Devices In Healthcare


In a world where we are still fighting through a Pandemic and combating staffing shortages, there is a heightened need to be able to provide stability and care. Not only for your patients but also your staff.

With the help of technology, humans have been able to create autonomous robots that can help provide that stability and care, that health systems are looking for.

But what do they really mean by autonomous and how can this help us currently and moving forward? Let’s dive right into it…




Autonomous Robots started to pick up headway during the pandemic as a way to combat Covid-19 and help ease staff. With Hospitals having a wide range of bed counts it is sometimes difficult for all of the staff to be able to cover each corner of the hospital. This can lead to bacteria and germs festering in those unclean because hospitals are so busy and down in staffing Not only was hospitals dealing with the rampant drive of Covid-19, but also the staffing shortages that followed it. We are still in the pandemic but the initial burst is over but has left dramatic effects in its wake that has caused a focus to doing the necessary actions which can lead to unnecessary actions in the moment not getting done. Autonomous Robots helps with dealing in the unnecessary actions and here is how.


Most autonomous robots in hospitals come with a UV light which is focused on helping clean surfaces and stop the spread of infection. A major concern during the pandemic, and still prevalent today with the ongoing staffing shortages. Not only is the autonomous robot able to help with cleaning but it allows the staff to focus on more necessary actions in the moment which they have been held back from. This is focused heavily in larger hospitals who have to account for the heavily populated locations as they are hand-tied but all work that must be done.


UVD & UV-C what are they? UVD is an autonomous robot that carries a powerful UV-C light that is used in hospital areas, large or small, to attack and destroy bacteria. The UV-C light is so powerful that it can decrease pathogenic microorganisms in healthcare environments that other UVD products which does not carry this UV-C light. This product can help reduce capital cost as it is able to service different areas in the hospital which would decrease the constant spending on cleaning products. UVD robots are known for their fluid movement, mapping, disinfecting, avoiding obstacles, and ability to make the staff more efficient in their work. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the videos below to get a look into these amazing technological cleaning devices.

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