Direct Sales Division Vendors/Partners

Vendor/Partner Prefix Website Product Summary
Air-Matt 1752 Patient transfers/Repositioning
Alimed, Inc. 0171 Rehab/O.R. Products
Allied Healthcare (Gomco) 0187 Suction Units/Supplies
Anatomy Supply Partners 0370 Stools/Hampers
Anthros Pvc Products, Llc 0397 PVC commodes/hampers
Arjo (Huntleigh Dopplers) 3297 Vascular/Obstetric Dopplers
Arjo (Patient Handling) 0431 Patient Lift/Transfer Systems
Armedica Manufacturing Corp 0460 PT/Treatment Tables
Axelgaard Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1232 Electrotherapy
Bailey Manufacturing Company 0635 Medical/Rehab Equipment
Befour, Inc. 1313 Patient Scales
Berman Bedding 5561 OR/Surgical/Stretcher Pads, Mattresses, & Bedding Surfaces
Biofreeze 3299 Topical Analgesics
Blickman 0842 O.R. Stainless Steel
Blue Chip Medical Products, Inc. 0860 Therapeutic Mattresses/Overlays/Seating & Positioning Cushions/Patient Safety
Bowman Manufacturing Company 1464 Dispensers/Signage
Brandt Industries 1095 O.R. Stainless Steel/Stools
Burton Medical 1097 Medical/Exam Lighting
Capsa Solutions, LLC 1195 Medical carts/Sterile processing/Mobile Computing
Carex 1485 Mobility/Daily Living Aids
Chesapeake Medical 1401 Splinting Material
Clinton Industries 1477 Medical Furnishings
Compass Health Brands Corp 1485 Mobility/Daily Living Aids
Core Health & Fitness 6013 Cardio/Strength Equipment
Core Products Intl, Inc. 9121 Therapeutic Products
Cramer Products, Inc. 1510 Athletic Braces, Supports, Taping, & Supplies
Detecto 1915 Patient Scales/Cans
DJO Global/Chattanooga Group 1336 Supplies/Equipment/Traction
DJO Global/Vital Stim 2229 Supplies/Equipment/Traction
Drive Medical 2010 Mobility/Daily Living Aids
Dycem Limited 2340 Dycem Product Line
Dynatronics 2070 Rehab Supplies/Equipment
E Z Way, Inc. 9010 Patient Lifts/Slings
EMR Distributors 2235 Patient Transfer Systems/Slings
Enochs Manufacturing, Inc. 2345 http// Exam Room Tables / Furniture
Enthermics Medical Systems 2365 IV/Fluid/Blanket warming systems
Fabrication Enterprises 2440 Rehab Supplies/Equipment
Furniss Corporation 9578 CPM Units/Accessories
Future Health Concepts 2712 OR Stainless Steel
Gendron 3100 Bariatric Wheelchair/Commode/Seating
Graham-Field Health Products 2867 General Medical Products
Handicare 9014 Patient Lifts/Ceiling Lifts/Mobile
Handicare USA Inc. (Prism Medical) 9448 Positioning/Mobility Aids
Harloff Company 9000 Carts/Cabinets
Hausmann Industries 3052 Medical/Rehab Equipment
Healthcare International, Inc. 9061 Cardio/Strength Equipment
Hill-Rom (Liko North America) 9020 Patient Lifts/Ceiling Lifts/Mobile
Hovertech International 9002 Patient Transfer Systems
HumanCare 9003 Chairs & Transfer Systems
Ideal Medical 3333 Rehab Supplies/Equipment
Innovative Products Unlimited, Inc. 3456 PVC commodes/hampers
Invacare Corporation 3401 Mobility/Daily Living Aids/Wheelchairs
Isolation Door Caddy 4305 Healthcare Storage Solutions
Joerns Healthcare 6137 Patient Mobility/Transfer
Kinetec USA 3505 CPM Units and Accessories
Kinsman Enterprises, Inc. 3510 Rehabilitation Supplies
Lakeside 3806 Patient/Utility Carts
LifeFitness 3864 Cardio/Strength Equipment
Logiquip Healthcare 9004 Healthcare Storage Solutions
Matrix Fitness 4318 Fitness Equipment
McAuley Medical, Inc. 9007 Lateral Transfer Systems
Medical Fitness Solutions (Med-Fit) 4326 Cardio/Strength Equipment
Medicus Health 4325 Infection control/Storage solutions/Safety
Merry Walker 9005 Mobility/Daily Living Aids
Mettler Electronics 4404 Electrotherapy/Diathermy
Mid Central Medical 4381 Armboards/Arm & Hand Surgery Tables/O.R. Stainless Steel
Midmark Corporation 4443 Exam Tables/Stools/Lighting
Milliken Medical 9042 Rehab Supplies/Equipment
MRIEquip 4551 MRI Equipment
North Coast Medical 4262 Rehab/Occupational Therapy
Novum Medical 4734 Infant Care Equipment
Nustep 4791 CrossTrainers
Oakworks 4265 Medical, Massage, & Spa Tables
OPTP 4825 Orthopedic/Therapy Products
OR Specific (Division Of Pedigo) 4956 O.R. Stainless Steel
Parker Laboratories, Inc. 4926 Ultrasound Gels
Pedigo 4956 O.R. Stainless Steel
Pelstar, LLC (Health-O-Meter) 3074 Patient Scales
Pneuthera Technologies 4990 Unweighted Systems
Power Systems 5171 Fitness Equipment/Supplies
Pryor Products 4980 I.V Stands & Accessories
Roho Group 5560 Specialty Cushions & Supports
Royal Medical Solutions 5343 Rehabilitation Supplies
Samarit Medical Industries Inc. 5436 Lateral Transfer Systems
Scale-Tronix (Division Of Welch Allyn) 5649 Patient Scales
Scifit Systems 5710 Cardio/Strength Equipment
Seca 5751 Patient Scales
Skil-Care Corporation 5865 Cushions/Positioning Aids
Spirit Fitness 5975 Cardio/Strength Equipment
Sportsart Fitness 5980 Rehab & Fitness Equipment
Spri Products, Inc. 5982 Exercise Equipment / Supplies
SR Instruments 5902 Patient Scales
Stanley Heathcare Solutions 3350 Healthcare storage/Inventory Systems
Steelcraft 9300 Specialty IV Stands & Accessories
Steris Corporation 6042 Sterile processing
Stonehaven Medical 6130 Balance Treatment Tables
Sunrise Medical 6137 Mobility/Daily Living Aids
Theraband 3299 Exercise Bands, Tubings, Balls
Therafin 6501 Custom Seating/Positioning Solutions
Therapeutic Dimensions (Rangemaster) 6314 Shoulder Therapy Products
Tollos 9600 Patient Lifts
Total Gym 6387 Exercise Equipment
Transmotion Medical, Inc 6410 Motorized Stretcher Chairs
Tri W-G 6246 Medical/Rehab Equipment
Trumedical Solutions 6335 Rehab Supplies/Equipment
United Metal Fabricators (UMF) 9001 Exam Tables/Stools/Chairs/Cabinets
W. A. Baum 0661 BP units/cuffs/tubing
Waterloo 6753 Emergency/Procedure Carts
Welch Allyn 6783 Diagnostic Equipment
Whitehall Manufacturing 6846 Whirlpools/Chairs/Cold Therapy
Winco, Inc. 6900 Recliners/Chairs/Tables
Wolters Kluwer Health (Anatomical) 0365 Anatomical Charts/Models